Wieters’ Start

I’ve heard a lot about the “struggles” of Matt Wieters and his adjustment to the big leagues.  I’ve also heard a call for patience when evaluating him.  I’m here to shed some light and perspective on the topic.

Since his debut on May 29, 2009 he is boasting a robust batting average of .143.  To some this may seem low but take into account that the Orioles have probably faced their toughest pitching opponents in that time period (proven by the fact that they have been held to 2.2 runs per game in that stretch). Out of all Orioles with at least 25 at bats in that time, our boy ranks 6th in batting average on the team.  In that same period of time he is tied for 3rd in doubles, leads the team in triples and is also tied for 3rd in home runs.

In fact there is only one person playing up to the bar we have set for Wieters.  His name is Luke Scott, and he carries a gun.

Luke packs major heat

Luke packs major heat

Give it some time…the offense and the chosen one will turn it up a notch and if all else fails, we can heckle from the safety and security of pulling an O’s floppy hat down over our eyes.

Until then, welcome the homestand.

~Jjaks Clayton


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