Kyle Farnsworth is back!

Kyle Farnsworth is back in the news again after largely being irrelevant since leaving the Yankees. As we all know, Kyle Farnsworth is not much of a pitcher, sure he can throw his fastball near 100 miles per hour… but that alone can only get you so far. It’s common knowledge by now that Kyle is a much better fighter than he is a major league pitcher. Kyle’s on field shenanigans can be traced back to several events by a simple Google search. Just in case you missed the carnage:

Excellent Ground and Pound

Excellent Ground and Pound

The Aftermath

The Aftermath

You may also know Kyle from his classic appearances in everyone’s favorite AOL chat room, The Dugout.

Apparently, Mr. Farnsworth could find no new challengers on the baseball diamond so he decided to take his skills to the dogfighting ring. Michael Vick must be chomping at the bit thinking about the possibilities.

No worries though fans…although Kyle was bit on the hand all the way down to the tendons, it was not his pitching hand. He will continue serving up gopher balls (when he does throw a strike) at a ballpark near you.

~ Det. Tom Ludlow


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