Doin Our Part

BSR are our friends.  They comment on our site.  We like that.  Audience participation is a good thing.  Got a sweet idea?  Let us know.

ANYWAY, in the spirit of participation, we’re going to post one of his sweet banners for all you lazy bastards who haven’t voted yet. Actually we can’t post a banner because wordpress won’t let us.  I tried.  But you can peep out the banners here to post on your site.  Or, if you just want to vote, get a free ticket, and shake things up for all the bandwagon fans…click here.  God forbid we don’t have a starting AL line up of all Red Sox’s, Yankee’s, and Ichiro’s (recycled picture, I know…go green or go home).

We invite you to vote orange.  Vote often.  And vote Lastings Milledge on the NL ballot to prove once and for all that the voting system is flawed.

quit holdin me sauce!

quit holdin me sauce!


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2 responses to “Doin Our Part

  1. Toneman

    Haha, I vote for Milledge every time because I feel guilty for heckling him at the game where he broke his leg.

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