Email Banter on Trembley’s Future

Today, after discussing the merits of Casino versus such masterpieces as AVP 2, Anacoda 3: the Hoffspring, and Blue Demon…we got to discussing Trembley and his management of the team.  Below is a transcript of that conversation.

click through for a side by side

click through for a side by side


Jjaks Clayton: So how long until the Priceline Negotiator is out of a job?  This is getting pathetic, it isn’t necessarily his fault that his team is playing like a little league team of retards but something has gotta give, right?

Tom Ludlow: Well, we knew they were going to be bad, but they are even underperforming their low expectations at this point. The offense should be a strong point, but guys that can hit have forgotten how. Something is up…

Manny Acta in 2010!

Kevin Lomax: i agree with that.  we go on these runs and i keep getting suckered in to thinking they are turning the corner…but they clearly aren’t.

Jjaks Clayton: I don’t understand how you can call yourself an “old school” baseball guy and not be a hardass when your team is fucking up.  The silent treatment doesn’t work unless the team respects you and I don’t think that they do.

Kevin Lomax: he needs to get a little charlie manuel on their asses.

Tom Ludlow: As much as I hate saying this because it is bullshit. I think the players have less respect for Trembley because he never played professional baseball. This is also what Sherrill’s brother has alluded to on OH. He also said a decent percentage of the clubhouse would not be upset with Trembley being gone.

Kevin Lomax: even if they respected him…by not playing pro ball, he simply can’t handle the x’s and o’s of baseball.  i’ve not always bought into that but the evidence is overwhelming.  i know Ludlow has been saying that for some time now, in regards to managing the bull pen.

Jjaks Clayton: x’s and o’s aren’t the problem.  Every manager knows them, anyone who has watched enough baseball knows them.  The players know them without a manager.  All the manager is, is a MANAGER.  You have to know how to handle your players first and foremost then how to make a lineup, starting rotation and handle a bullpen.  But all these are knowing strengths and weaknesses of players which he obviously cannot identify and goes too much “By the book.”  Knowing someones career numbers against a certain pitcher can be helpful….if they have faced eachother 100 times.  If someone is 2 for 9 against a certain pitcher but 30 for 30 in his last 30 at bats then you don’t always have to go with the individual matchup.

Kevin Lomax: that is what i meant by x’s and o’s.  obviously there aren’t x’s and o’s in baseball like there are in football.

Tom Ludlow: You don’t have to have played pro baseball to manage a team. You can know a lot about the game without having the talent to be a professional. Trembley can’t handle the x’s and o’s because he IMO doesn’t consider numbers at all, only goes with his “gut” hunches which are usually incorrect. He also seems to have issues with upsetting veteran players even when the team’s best interests call for it. It has little to do with him never playing pro ball.

Jjaks Clayton: Tom and I have totally different views on Trembley.  I think he relies waaaaay too much on numbers.  But only because he uses the wrong numbers.  Like when he ONLY wants his lineup to be left right left in case they bring in a specialist reliever at some point.  Fuck, that would be awesome if we actually got to somebodys starter bad enough that they would have to bring in a reliever.  That is a step up in my mind so let Markakis, Huff, and Scott bat back to back earlier this year when they could actually hit the ball instead of killing the team and their individual performance.

Tom Ludlow: Agree with all of this. All these things are dumb. I meant mainly in how he does his lineups etc. There is no reason Mora should continue to be the everyday 3B with the numbers he is putting up. Reimold should not sit as often as he does with what he is doing also. Agree that making lineups with super small sample sizes is ridiculous and he does it way too often. Wieters has been the O’s hottest hitter for a decent stretch and he still sits way too often and he still never DHs him rather than giving him a day off completely because he is afraid of Zaun getting hurt in the middle of a game and they may lose the DH for a few innings, also ridiculous. He does a whole host of things wrong but his bullpen management and his lineups almost seem done at random. If a manager can’t fill out a lineup card or manage a pitching staff then what does he do?

Jjaks Clayton: I told you already.  He saves them MILLIONS on hotel rooms and flights for road trips

Who says you need to work at work?

While doing research for this post I found this.  His last anti-Manuel post was last July…a few months before the Phillies won the world sereis.  Talk about your all time back-fire.



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3 responses to “Email Banter on Trembley’s Future

  1. Johnny Mnemonic

    keep the manager. fire the players – guthrie, hill, mora, wiggy, even huff. Bring back freel! oh, and never play out west.

    • Tom Ludlow

      The players are bad no doubt, but this goes beyond that. Even the good players we have are underperforming expectations. Guthrie is still a valuable piece and has a decent shot of returning back to form, that said he may still be able to be moved for a decent piece. Hill looks like a lost cause but we invested nothing in him and it was a smart risk to take. Wiggy and Huff should be on the block but Huff doesn’t deserve to be thrown in with the rest of them. Mora is just old.

      Ryan Freel is terrible, plus we would be stopping him from his possible record of playing for the most teams in a single season ever.

      • biffaliff

        “We would be stopping [Ryan Freel] from his possible record of failing with the most teams in a single season ever.”

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