What’s the Big Deal?

So as most sports fans know, some dude cut a peep hole into Erin Andrews hotel room and video taped her changing.

I understand it’s creepy.  I understand it’s illegal.  I understand that most dudes would totally download that and probably already have.

What I don’t understand is why this is a much bigger deal than any other celebrity who get’s their privacy invaded.  Tabloids are filled to the brim with celebs who are caught naked on their balcony or on a beach they thought was private.  Whether they welcome the tabloid attention or not, is a discussion far to lengthy for a blog post.

And if you boil it all down to the most basic level, what really happened?  Someone had their privacy invaded.  What’s the difference with people photographing a celebrity’s child or ambushing them while their shopping?  Sure their naked body isn’t being posted on the internet but it’s still an invasion of privacy.

On all the sports blogs (who have shamelessly used her smokin-hot naked body to get an increase in traffic) the authors are totally flipping out about it.  Again, I understand it’s wrong…but no more wrong than posting a picture of Paris Hilton’s snatch as she gets out of a limo.

Here’s my advice for you folks who are losing their shit over this.  Either:

  • Start a revolution to destroy the hero-worship, celebrity fixated, 15 minutes of fame seeking society. (My vote)


  • Deal with it.  Understand that she was fully aware of the risk she took when she decided to become an on-camera talent and thus a celebrity

I really hope this post drives some more traffic to our site.

~Kevin Lomax

PS – I’m shippin up to Boston, whoa ohhh ohhhhhh.  Seriously though, I’ll be at the game Saturday so if anyone else is there, drop a line in the comments and we can meet up and grab a Natty Boh before the game.  I’ll post an update after the trip.



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5 responses to “What’s the Big Deal?

  1. Enjoy the trip! I haven’t been to Fenway in years. Hopefully we can pull it together and put together a win or two.

  2. some jackass

    “Deal with it. Understand that she was fully aware of the risk she took when she decided to become an on-camera talent and thus a celebrity”

    So… your argument, apparently, is that because someone was “fully aware of the risk” when they decided to pursue an on-camera profession, that they should just “deal with it” if some scumbag films them in their hotel room while they are changing.

    That is incredibly stupid.

    • biffaliff

      She was also fully aware of the risk she took when emerging from the womb with a fantastic body. And, when she decided to take her clothes off in private.

    • The point was:
      1. Why doesn’t everyone flip there shit in any other instance of privacy invasion?
      2. Who is worse, the people who commit the acts or people who try and capitalize on them by posting the video or posting an article about it to increase traffic to their site?

      Before you point out that I wrote a post about it, let me assure you…I’m fully aware of this fact. It’s called satire.

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