Schmucking Ridiculous

It seems fitting that yesterday I was reading through the archives of FJM and then Peter Schmuck writes something that would have Ken Tremendous and Dak losing their minds.

Painful collapses have become a habit for the Orioles, and this one was another illustration of something that’s been obvious for months. These guys just don’t know how to win, because none of them ever have.

Are you are saying that the players on the current roster, have never been a part of a winning team in all of their years in baseball?  Not even little league, high school, college, or minor league teams?

Or did you mean that after recording two outs in the ninth, Jim Johnson said to himself, “Shit, what do I do now?  Groove a pitch to let the other team take the lead?  That sounds right.”  Yet, prior to tonight, he was 4-4 in save opportunities since taking over the job from Sherrill.  I know, small sample size, but still.

They do know how to win.  There’s not a secret to it.  You score more runs than the other team.  They’re just not as good as the teams they’re playing.  That makes it hard to win.

Did the Rays have a bunch of “winners” on their team when they made it to the World Series last year?  Nope…they had good pitching, good defense, and good hitting.

They also didn’t run themselves out of a lot of innings…while I’m thinking about it, the argument raging about firing Juan Samuel over at OH is ludicrous too.

When Pie tagged and tried to make it to third…it was retarded.

When Brian forgot how many outs there were and ran home…it was retarded.

When Huff got picked off by the “fake to third-throw to first move”…it was FUCKING retarded!  I’ve never, ever, seen that work.

So, Juan Samuel called all the players on the team retarded in the newspaper.   I for one am for it.

People are calling him an awful coach.  I personally don’t think the third or first base coach has a significant impact on the game.  Unless your Tom “Windmill” Trebelhorn.

People are claiming that the team doesn’t respect Trembley because he never played the game.  Well Juan Samuel did play the game.  And he was a beast on the basepaths, so there is credibility there.  Say what you will about his coaching/teaching abilities, there is no denying that Juan could tear it up, running the bases.

People are saying that he shouldn’t have done it in the papers.  Our base running has been a joke all year.  Even Rolling Stone ragged on us.  Do you think that Juan hasn’t been trying to hammer it into these idiots?  I’m ready for some of these players to get publicly embarrassed.

A) They’re grown-ass men and they don’t need to be coddled like 5 year olds.

B)  They are professionals who aren’t performing their job to the highest level.

We could use a little accountability in the clubhouse.

Finally, I think a few of us are headed to the game tonight.  Keep an eye out in the right field bleachers for some fans with their heads in their hands…that’ll be us.  It’s getting hard to watch.

~Kevin Lomax


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2 responses to “Schmucking Ridiculous

  1. Scrappy

    Juan Samuel stole a lot of bases. He was fast as all get out. He also had a relatively low stolen base percentage for someone with his speed and a reputation for the very same lapses in concentration he sees as signs that the current crop of O’s don’t belong in the majors, and was moved to the outfield because his defense at second base was so horrid. In short, he was a player who was long on talent but short on baseball IQ. He had a respectable playing career, but not the kind of career that indicates a guy will make a good coach. I was shocked and dismayed when he was first hired for his current job and he certainly hasn’t done a single thing to improve my opinion of that choice. His job is not just to stand there at third base and wave runners home or tell them to stop. He also works with the players in practice and spring training on baserunning and infield defense. When a team leads the league in baserunning blunders and it’s not just a handful of players doing it, you’d be remiss not to look at their baserunning coach as a potential part of the problem… and he’d definitely be remiss not to accept some responsibility for the consistent team-wide failures in his department.

    • I agree with you that you need to look at the coach. What I think is happening though is people are looking at the coach too much.

      I also think people put too much stock in what a third base coach does.

      Trembely’s thing has always been a return to the fundamentals and we’ve not done that in any phase of the game.

      Do you think this is the first Dave and Juan have heard about the bad base running? Do you think Dave just let’s Juan get off the hook when stuff like that happens? Do you think Juan let’s players get off the hook when they do that stuff?

      My guess is that they’ve tried teaching, they’ve tried being nice, but at a certain point, Dave and Juan are sick of being embarrassed by the players.

      Fire him or keep him…I don’t personally care. But I don’t think a new third base coach is the cure for our base running chlamydia. We need a stronger penicillin than a new coach.

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