Melvin is Senile

A quote from Dan Connolly’s article in the Sun on Mora “leaving” the O’s:

“I have been here with that a long time, rebuilding,” Mora said. “I was part of rebuilding in 2000, and after that there were veteran players and they left. Then Erik Bedard came, had a great year and he left. George Sherrill came in as part of the rebuilding and he left…”

We all know Bedard didn’t “leave” and Sherrill didn’t “leave”.  Just like we all know Mora isn’t “leaving”.  He’s been told to “not come back”.

I cannot wait too long. I cannot wait for it to take four more years to see what happens, because in four more years, I will be out of baseball.”

Who does this guy think he is, “Julio Franco”?

I “understand” that part of this just “might” be that Melvin hasn’t exactly “mastered” the “English” language.  How confusing is that sentence?

Who do I think I am, “Bennett Brauer”?


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