2 Against 1…We Win!

I was so bored today. There is nothing, and I mean nothing, going on in Turdland these days. But then our old friend Bob Arctor sent me this. Well actually he posted it as a comment but I thought it was worthy of it’s own post. Take it away Bob.

First and foremost thanks for the ESH shout out on your YankSox fan page, Russ Smith.  Second, this quote leaves me a little perplexed:

“He doesn’t go easy on MacPhail either: “He can’t repeat that stunt he pulled this year of just not bothering to stock up with 162 games’ worth of players…””

Soooo, what Mr. Scocca thinks is that the Orioles and Andy MacPhail pulled a stunt this past season and wanted to put shitty players on the field. We can’t all be like Russ’s favorite team(s) and buy our way out of injuries.

Mr. Scocca probably thinks a plethora of top tier players were lining up at the door of the warehouse to play for the O’s and Andy said, “Sorry Albert, Sorry Hanley, Sorry Manny… The Orioles would love to have you BUT we are pulling a stunt this year and going into the season with not enough players.”

Look I’m all for finger pointing, but not in this situation. When you promote so many players from the minor leagues, (Reimold, Matty W., Tillman, Berken, Hernandez, Matusz, Bergesen) then lose players to injury, (Reimold (again), Jones, Pie, Izturis) and sprinkle the trades of two ML players for MiL players then sure you are going to be a very young and might not have the major league ready talent of the YankSox.

So to make a long story even longer, I don’t think Andy MacPhail “pulled a stunt” and made the Orioles a shitty team. We are a shitty team that many people feel are getting better. We are going to need the young guys to develop and add in veteran players here and there and we can hopefully have a 2-3 year window of competing, because right now the O’s can not spend money with the big boys of MLB.

Finally… Russ, when the Red Sox and Yankees play who do you root for? Does your head explode because you just cannot pick?

Bob echo’s a lot of the same things I mentioned in my slam-bash of that post but I think it was worth noting that I’m not the only one who thinks these articles are silly.  Bob thinks so too.  So there!

~Kevin Lomax

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