Warning not taken seriously!

What the hell!  No one is listening to me.

Regis Stanczak is a demon.  He’s like P-diddy.  He takes all your awesome creations and pawns them off as his own.

So we warned everyone yesterday and then this pops up.

Congrats… You just got hired as O’s GM!!!

You have just been hired to be the Orioles GM. The 40 man roster is currently at 32 and with Jones, Uehara and Bergesen coming off the 60 day DL puts it at 35.Brandon Snyder, Brandon Erbe, Josh Bell and Steve Johnson WILL be added putting the 40 man roster at 39.


So here is the catch… You can only make 10 moves before Opening Day. You are the man, and fully backed by Peter Angelos. Money is virtually no object. What 10 moves do you make????

Are you serious!?  You literally just opened up a one stop shop for Rege.  It’s like fish in a fucking barrel!

I’m not sure you get the implications here.  You’re brilliant ideas will be stolen and Andy will just act like they were his all along.  He’s on a beach somewhere sipping a virgin strawberry daiquiri while you guys are doing all this hard work.  He actually just told the cabana boy to bring him more fried shrimp.  And there you are…spending hours upon hours coming up with cockamamie awesome plans…for free!

This is America people.  We don’t do shit for free.  Ever.  Volunteer?  Pssh.  Pathetic.

You want communism?  Move to China.  You want free, hedonistic pleasure?  Move to Hedonism 1.  You want to live in the magical world of make-believe?  You’re a loser.  You want socialism?  Move to Canada.

Apparently you guys were just not patient enough for us to create our full report.  Those that take the warning seriously…stay tuned.

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