Good things in Turdland!

Congrats to Adam Jones for winning the gold glove.

Apparently there are some O’s fans who love to rain on a parade.  These are the same dooms-dayers I’ve mentioned here.

Statistically, sure, he might not have deserved it. Must you be such a fucking downer all the time?

Some of you feel better when everyone rags on us and when we are the consummate underachievers. You yearn for us to start off on a blaze and then collapse at the end of the year so you can say, “I told you so.”

If there was such a thing as a losing culture (you know that thing that all you assholes complain about), it would be you fans who can’t find anything good to say about our team.  You’d rather us be losers because you’re more comfortable that way.


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3 responses to “Good things in Turdland!

  1. SoxFanInHiding

    I have to say, I’m blown away that there was any negative reaction at all by O’s fans. How can they act so gloomy when a member of the team they cheer for on (and apparently only on) Opening Day wins an award?

    I’m shocked. SHOCKED!!

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