Image of the Devil

Well as free agency and the winter meetings draw near…we have been doing some pretty extensive research.  Not research on who the organization should target but who is the mole in the organization that is picking up on all your ideas.  Dooms-dayers and unrealistic super fans alike, this deviant spares no one’s well thought out, must-do moves for the offseason.

We finally unlocked a picture of this evil genius.  For those of you with weak stomach’s please don’t scroll down.  For those of you who want to look the devil in the eyes, by all means.  I give you…Regis Stanczak.













Ehhh…Man he gives me the chills.  Not only is he ripping off great trade ideas like this.  He’s doing it on a fucking Commodore.  Oh he’ll read this, wildbillhiccup.  As soon as his dial-up connects, he’ll read it, print it, shit on it, brush it off and send it through his facsimile to Mac-attack. You know what that’s called.  That’s a fax boom, bitch.  Right in your face.  That’s exactly what he’ll doe alright.

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