JTrea Made Me Pee My Pants

Sometimes you see something that makes you pee your pants laughing, like the scene from Billy Madison about peeing your pants turned into a Mentos commercial.

Other times something you see might make you pee your pants out of the inextricable fear that some people can drive cars or vote or procreate.  Today, for me, it was the latter.

A fellow that goes by the handle of JTrea81, over at OH said something today that pushed me over the edge with that guy.

I'm not the best out of the group at photoshop.

Over the past few months he has said some outlandish things.  Things that lead many to block him.  Things that have him rated as public enemy # 2 (Nestor will always be # 1).  His behavior even prompted an outcry by some readers to suggest that moderators have him banned for such ridiculous statements.

Today, in a thread discussing whether any more of the skeptical O’s fans trust MacPhail more after the winter meetings, he said this:

The guy has always made excellent trades for the Orioles, that is without question.

However there’s one thing he has yet to do, and that’s to land a top player that is being pursued by other competitive clubs via trade or FA.

He can build a winning team, but can he build one to compete in the AL East with the Yankees and Red Sox? The jury is still out on that one.

He made a comment tonight in his presser for the Millwood trade. He said something like “we need to forget the division we are in and just concentrate on getting better.”

Forgetting we are in the AL East is the last thing we need to do IMO. We absolutely have to keep track of Boston and New York because the playoffs go through them. We may not be at their level yet, but eventually we have to get there.

I’m not sure MacPhail can or WANTS to do what is neccessary to do that.

I’ll leave the spelling error for accuracy  so you reader(s) (Hey, Ted!), who may not have seen this post on OH, can get an accurate portrayal as to just how much lunacy is involved in those statements.  I’ve also taken the liberty of italicizing the crazy parts and bolding the fucking crazy part and I capitalized the word that takes the statement from fucking crazy to “I’M SPEECHLESS TO THE POINT OF SORROW”  CRAZY.

Was that last thing serious, Trea?

One can argue the semantics about the Orioles place in the AL East.  Are we actually a mid-market team based on income?  How much do the O’s really make from MASN?  Is the only way to win the AL East to act like the Yankees and Red Sox or can you go the way of the Rays?

But to question whether a general manager (who reports to the owner) wants to WIN GAMES is fucking beyond words.  Winning makes money.  More money than losing.  If the owner’s only goal was to make money, he’d still make more money by winning.

It’s the same argument about a player not having a “winning” attitude or a team having a “culture of losing”.  Players will make more money by fucking winning too!

I can’t stand the bullshit anymore from some of you, mainly Trea.  You are the culture of losing.  You fans who complain incessantly and only have negative things to say.  You skeptical, whinny,  insane douche bags.

I’m not saying blindly bow to every decision but why do you even root for or follow a team that you seem to have so much disdain for?  Have you nothing better to do with your life than to sulk behind your computer and be miserable?

The Orioles will never fill the hole you have in your soul.  Maybe it’s time to consider a new hobby or a new team.

I hear the Nationals are a top-notch organization and they aren’t too far away.



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9 responses to “JTrea Made Me Pee My Pants

  1. Heathir

    I’m a OH lurker… I read Trea and that Old5fan guy’s posts for the lolz. I especially love Trea’s conspiracy theories.

  2. That kid lives in Maine, actually, so he should either be rooting for the Red Sox or the Jays.

  3. PoopFace

    Meh nothing wrong with JTrea’s post. AM and Angelos don’t have have winning as their top priority.

    If Angelos actually cared about the O’s he’d spend more time at The Warehouse and attending O’s games. What kind of an owner rarely goes to his own teams games?

    Angelos needs to sell.

    • Dude that’s crazy talk. You’re better than that shitface.

      What about all the American owners that own EPL teams? I bet they don’t go to all the games. Or how about people who own more than one team? Like if a person owns a basketball team and an NHL team. How can they go to all the games of all their teams? They can’t.

      Angelos needs to sell. Agreed. But he won’t. Because he doesn’t need to. Because we all still go to games. Because we still watch the games. Because we still buy the merchandise. Because he doesn’t give two fucks what you, or anyone else thinks for that matter. So deal with it.

  4. Dopplegangbanger

    “It’s the same argument about a player not having a “winning” attitude or a team having a “culture of losing”. Players will make more money by fucking winning too!”

    I see your point, but I think you’re going too far. Yes I would say most professional athletes have a competitive desire to win. That’s what drove them to succeed in making it that far. The problem I have is with your assertion that players will make more money by winning as well. Yes players will make more money by winning, but what motivation is there to make more money when you already have plenty. Brian Roberts’ salary this year is 8 million. What has Brian Roberts ever won? He’s a great ball-player and would probably be a good fit on most pennant teams, but how important is making the Orioles a winner when you’re pocketing 8 million a season for losing. As long as he puts up his stats goes to work everyday and doesn’t get in trouble outside of baseball, he gets paid more than enough. I don’t see where winning has anything to do with that type of equation. Shit, Alex Rodriguez was the highest paid player for 9 years before he ever GOT to a World Series.

    Secondly, “I can’t stand the bullshit anymore from some of you, mainly Trea. You are the culture of losing. You fans who complain incessantly and only have negative things to say. You skeptical, whinny, insane douche bags.”

    Baltimore has some of the most passionate sports fans in the nation. Look at the Ravens fans taking over Foxborogh for a Playoff game, much like the Red Sox fans do here. That being said, it breaks most Oriole fans’ hearts that the team that was so good for so long before we were even born, has turned into the god damned Bad News Bears for the last 12 years. Its just pain brother. Everyone is tired of seeing losing and failure. Frankly its depressing. Yes, MacPhail brings new hope, but don’t blindly forget about the Syd Thrift era, or firing Davey Johnson for Phil fucking Regan. There is still disgust and disdain towards Angelos in many people’s hearts, and frankly I’m still a bit skeptical things will work out to us being any better than the Blue Jays, and judging by the recent history of the franchise it would be naive not to be in the least bit.

    • thanks for dropping a line. the players making more money just happened to be an add on to that thought, but, a lot of people were up in arms about players not having a winning attitude. i don’t know what that is. i think it’s made up by people to explain things they don’t understand. around the time of this post, people were discussing the possibility that roberts and markakis may have losing attitudes because they had been on the team too long and have been poisoned by it and even going as far as to suggest getting rid of them. that to me, is idiotic.

      i’m not advocating being a blind follower or forgetting the past. what i’m saying is this: 1. macphail laid out a plan for what he was going to do. and he has not strayed from that plan yet. and that plan has yielded some nice results. sure, we can always second guess and say he can do more. but you have to take of the pessimistic glasses for a second and recognize the good so far. give him time to fulfill on his promise. 2. many of these “fans”, rarely say anything good in public about the team. trea and oldfan, rarely acknowledge what has been done in the past few years as progress. this bothers me. these are the same type of people who were trashing jones when he won the gold glove. sure he may not have deserved it but fuck, something good happened. clean the shit out of your pants and be happy.

      i just don’t get why so many people follow a team that they seem to clearly despise.

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