BREAKING: Yankees and Red Sox are Rich.

A lot is being made about the Yankees winning the world series and still making some good moves to get even better.  And for every Yankee action, there is an equal Red Sox reaction.


And for all those actions and reactions, there is an Oriole shit-fit-over-reaction.

Don’t worry about the monetary disparity between the major market teams and the mid and low market teams.  With all this time complaining you could have been out there, cutting their team bus’ brake lines.  You could have been bribing mafia to strong-arm managers into throwing games (just think of all the money their bookies could make!).  You could be lining up for autographs just waiting for the perfect time to Tanya Harding the shit out of A-Rod.

Now look…I’m not suggesting you actually do any of this stuff (touches finger to nose).  In no way am I saying go out and try to harm Yankee players and coaches (winks).  Just because it’s the ONLY WAY THE ORIOLES WILL WIN ANOTHER CHAMPIONSHIP, doesn’t mean it’s right for you to do (hands reader crow bar).

You really want to help the team?  Tail Rosenthal to an interview and have the production assistant give you the water that he was planning on giving to Big Poopie and spike it with arsenic.  Just kidding.

Spike Rosenthal’s.


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