The Internet is Pissed!

Hall of Fame and Baseball Writers, you have gone and pissed off the most formidable sleeping giant in the whole world!  The internet.

@THE_ADAM_JONES this hall of fame thing is so much bullshit. all of them deserve to be in.

@staceyMlong On behalf of Robbie Alomar, I spit in the face of those writers who thought he wasn’t worthy.


And so on.

And so on.

And so on.

I feel like Baseball Writers and their disdain for “statistics” and “bloggers who live in their mom’s basements” are so not in touch with technology that they have literally set into motion a series of events that will lead to future humans fighting giant robots.  Then they will send someone back in time to extort all the writers into voting Alomar into the HOF on the first ballot. Then even further in the future, a descendant of James Cameron will make a 6-D movie that tells the story of these events but tickets will be double the cost of the normal 3-D movies.

Thanks a lot dicks.


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