Crab Cakes and Football

Our hatred for Boston runs deep through our veins.  There are so many reasons to hate Boston.

Maybe it’s the fact that they have 8 states routing for their teams.  The New England Patriots…good cover up. That doesn’t even factor in all the other states and cities that started to claim allegiance to Red Sox nation, circa 2004.

Maybe it’s that the fans of their teams are all yuppie white dudes with thin frame glasses, an LL Bean parka, and a child in one of those Baby Bjorn things.  I love the fact that Baltimore is grimy and the people here are blue-collar.  I love the fact that we are a northern state with a good mix of southern culture mixed in.

I can’t pass up an opportunity to stick it to those arrogant pricks.  The Ravens are putting it on New England Patriots like Bradley Cooper put it on Vince Vaughn in Wedding Crashers.

It feels good when Baltimore can go into a hostile environment and totally impose their will on Tom Brady and the rest of those cheaters.

I can’t let Baltimore totally off the hook though.  As I was driving away from Tom Ludlow’s house (as he forgot I was coming over and wasn’t there) I was listening to the game on WBAL.  I believe it was Jonathan Ogden responding to the sentiment that it was only the 1st quarter and we shouldn’t get ahead of ourselves, there was lots of football to play.

“The Patriots are a likely opponent in this situation.”

What the hell does that mean?  They are likely to continue to play the game?  Are you saying that another team is not going to take over for them after the 1st quarter?

He elaborated with:

“This game will literally not be over until the 4th quarter.”

Good call captain obvious.   Maybe you should give Dancing With the Stars a shot…I don’t think the color commentary thing is right for you.

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