History Repeating

Just like their ancestors, it has become quite popular for Northerners to head down south and cram their lifestyle down our throats. And worse yet, often times it’s southerners who betray their own kind by emulating the North and their love for douche bag sports teams.

So in preparation of the new season we wanted to arm you fans with another vocab word to use on these bastards. Every time you see a Red Sox or Yankee fan, shout at the top of your lungs: Get out of my town Carpetbagger! When they try and pull the “I’ve been a life long fan” card, quiz them using some of the tips from this earlier post. And 9 times out of 10, if you ask them where they are from, it won’t be anywhere close to New York or Boston. In fact, my one trip to Fenway makes me more qualified than most Red Sox fans anyway.

You can check our vocab page here for other ESH buzz words.

Also, our boy Johnny hit us up with a fresh look for the crew page. Don’t fall in love, ladies.

*Note: I understand that the type of person described in sentence #2 of this post would be more analogous to a scalawag but in the interest of keeping things simple, let’s just call them all Carpetbaggers. YEEEHAAAWWWW.


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