A reader who wishes to remain nameless felt so moved by our first Jtrea post, he decided to write his own.  We’ll call him, Perry Lyman.

*Ed. Note: The views expressed below do not neccessarily reflect the views of the ESH.  Any comments that are left on this post may or may not be answered by a member of our staff (staff, like they get paid…hah!).  Read at your own risk.

There’s a hole at 1B, dear Andy, dear Andy…

Is that supposed to be some song reference?  The AC/DC thing was cute and unoriginal.  This just sucks.

Just thought I’d remind him.

He doesn’t pay attention to you.  He.  Doesn’t.  Pay.  Attention.  To.  You.

Aside from that, this is some stalker shit.  You know, calling up the Warehouse, harassing people while trying to get a hold of MacPhail, then going back to his blog and drawing lipstick all over his face.

Oh but we have Michael Aubrey, Rhyne Hughes and Ty Wigginton to fill the spot.

And Brandon Snyder is in the minors.

So we do have depth, but that depth isn’t going to fill the hole. Not when your competition has players like Youkilis and Teixeira at the same spot.

1B has been a consistent problem ever since Rafael Palmeiro left the first time. Since Palmeiro’s departure the Orioles have used

Will Clark
Jeff Conine
Chris Richard
Raffy (again)
Kevin Millar
Aubrey Huff

And since Palmeiro left after 1998, the Orioles have not had an .900+ OPS from the position and haven’t had an OPS above .815 since 2001.

Ed. Note (Jjaks Clayton):  Only 27 players in the entire league had a .900 OPS last year (2009 season).   That’s 10% of starters…not per position…starters period.

1B has been a huge void that just has been patched and patched and patched without any thought to the LT.

This is all nice and good, but the 2004 World Champion Red Sox got an .813 OPS from the first base position.  The second time they won a title this decade their OPS for first base was a whopping .802.  For the decade the Red Sox averages a .720 OPS for the first base position while the Yankees had a .844 OPS.  .844 is very good but it’s still pretty far from the fucking .900+ that you demand.  .720?  How did the Red Sox ever manage to win two titles and make the playoffs almost every year?

Listen up, dipstick.  It’s not basketball where one player takes over an entire game and it’s not football where you worry about a cornerback/wide receiver match up.  First base doesn’t mean anything if you get production from other places like the Sox did for this past decade.

Yes, it’s a hole but it is  far and away not the only thing that has held this team back from competing.

We’ve passed on several options, Lee, Konerko, Delgado and Teixeira and yet now we seem to think Snyder might be good enough to fill the spot despite only flashing the skills needed once in a two month stint at Bowie. And most scouts think he won’t be more than an average position player at best.

Well I’m glad the book on Brandon Snyder has been written before he ever takes a Major League at bat.

How about being optimistic every once in awhile?  Is that too much to ask?

Average isn’t going to cut it at 1B in the AL East. It didn’t for the other Orioles playoff teams that featured names such as Boog Powell, Eddie Murray and Rafael Palmeiro.

There’s a hole at 1B.

So fix it dear Andy. Fix it right now.

I think I’ve already proven that average does cut it at first base in the AL East, provided the rest of your team is well built.  If you’d take a minute to take off your MacPhail shit kickin’ shoes and take a look around with some perspective that doesn’t include having your head up your ass, you’d realize that if you have a well rounded team, you don’t need a .900 OPS at first base to be a good team.

And again:

He doesn’t listen to you.

Thanks, Perry for participating and trying to make a difference.  Unfortunately, he will not read this.

Don’t forget that the ESH will be stirring up trouble at O’s Fan Fest this Saturday.  So pull on that O’s cap, tie up your sarcasm boots and put the rest of your normal clothes on as you normally would.  Don’t show up naked.

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