The Campaign is Gaining Momentum

If you all are like me and Tom, you really can’t stand Jtrea over at the OH.

As I mentioned a few posts ago, there was a campaign put forth to the head honcho’s at OH, Tony and Scottie, to ban him from the board.  Let me start by posting something that most people may have missed yesterday:

Lint06 – Perhaps I’m wrong, but I grow more convinced with each passing Trea conspiracy/crackpot suggestion, that his beliefs are driven by a lack of actual viewing of Os games. I am suggesting that because Trea doesn’t watch the Os on a regular basis, that the lens through which he sees the Orioles is text and sports clips, and that that kind of viewing lends itself to a fragmented understanding of the Orioles and their players/coaches. Further, I believe that because he follows the Os mostly via computer, there is a sense of fiction which surrounds the Os for Trea.

If one never watches the Os in real time (or at least the entirety of games, which creates a cohesive viewing), then everything one sees is fragmentary, and in a sense, fictive. The Os becomes parts, not wholes, not anything real or stable, much like fiction.

Trea’s wild notions are birthed from this viewing of the Os as fiction, and quite frankly, fit better with the creative realm.

Totally 100% behind this theory.   I bet if someone went back and looked at every post he has written, 75% have been negative about the Orioles.  That is not a fan of a team.  Perry Lyman told me in an email yesterday, “Trea wishes he was a Yankee’s fan.”  Someone left in the comments of one of the posts here that he thought he wanted to be a Red Sox fan.  It stands to reason people think this way, given the way he talks about the three teams.  It’s really hard to read.

So like I was saying, people were petitioning Tony and Scott to kick him off and they basically said, no.  If for no other reason, they didn’t want to trample all over the Constitution.  Freedom of speach and what not.  Just because the dude is inept doesn’t mean he can share his opinion.  We should just ignore him.

Anyway, last night Tony said something that didn’t get a lot of attention.  But, I saw that shit and I had to pass on the good word.

Tony-OH – I just wonder why people still engage him in conversation once he gets on his mantra? We take more stuff from people over Trea yet he does nothing to change his act or ever show any gratitude over the fact that Scott and I have spent hours of our lives defending the fact that we let him continue to post.

Honestly, I may be getting close to making the decision so many people want me to make.

What a day that would be.

See you all tomorrow!


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5 responses to “The Campaign is Gaining Momentum

  1. I think it is a shame that people spend so much time worrying about this guy. He is into what he does and although I never agree with him have the capability to scroll beyond his posts. The reason he takes over the board so easily is people take him too seriously. I think there are a lot of people who should not be posting because of their lack of knowledge but instead of adding to the problem lets just please move on and back to Chiting on the opposition. I will now return to my tacoma.

  2. PhilR8

    Tony talking about free speech? He’s against censorship? Wow, I haven’t laughed this hard in ages.

    • Let me just say that it was totally a guess. I just can’t think of any other reason he would let the dude keep posting.

      Enlighten me.

      For the record though, as Shane as requested, we’re done with Jtrea for a while after this.

      • PhilR8

        I guess it wasn’t clear from my message, but Tony is a total hypocrite and any mentions of his name in the same sentence as “free speech” is ridiculous, since any public disagreement with Tony will most likely result in a ban.

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