First Fanfest Video

This is a short one but it proves we were actually there.  Told ya, mom!

It’s also a bit of a test to make sure we got the best encoding settings for the video and all that technical stuff down.  Vimeo is pretty sweet.  The player just looks a lot cleaner than youtube.

Anyway, the video below features Jjaks pointing out an oddity with the board.  Keep checking back all this week for more videos.  We’ll post them after they are edited up!


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4 responses to “First Fanfest Video

  1. Fathead5f

    Hey guys, I met you at the Orioles Fan Fest (or train wreck) which ever you prefer. you interviewed me and I got your autograph on a baseball. Thanks, I’m now a supporter of your blog keep up the good work. I’m sick of having smoke blown up my ass and it’s nice to see someone else with my point of view on the O’s.

    • Johnny Eutaw

      Psyched you found the blog, Fathead! (And, surprised.) It’s probably best you got your ball signed by me because Wigginton surely would have eaten it. Also, I appreciate you not putting it on ebay.

      The Fan Fest wasn’t a complete abomination. I managed to get 17 O’s magnets for each of my cars and refrigerators. In addition to a Zaun T-shirt…exciting?

      Be sure to check back frequently. We managed to get some solid interviews and we’ll be editing them for posting this week. Thanks for the support and spread the word!

  2. erica

    i love you guys. im youre biggest fan ever! one day i would like to “meet” all of you at the same time

    • Aww, we’re all blushing in unison. Which is weird cause at least one of us is still asleep.

      Thanks for being loyal reader number 11! Look out espn, here we come.

      You’ll have to join us at a game and scream at Markakis with us. Man that beard is sexy.

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