Video: ESH @ Fan Fest

Some Fan Fest shenanigans! (I swear to God, I’ll pistol whip the next guy that says ‘shenanigans!’)

Easy bonus points if you guess who’s calling Bingo. If you don’t know, shame on you.

More to come this week, so check back frequently.


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5 responses to “Video: ESH @ Fan Fest

  1. Perry Lyman

    Joe Orsulak!

    • Jjaks Clayton

      We have a winner!

      Quick Joe Orsulak trivia, I OWN HIM! That’s right, while I was playing JV baseball in high school my freshman year we played a Joe Orsulak coached team and we crushed them. I don’t remember the particulars of the game so I will make them up. We won 12-0 and I was 12 for 13 with 12 solo home runs. I also threw a no hitter.

  2. Kamalot

    Great video! It was a lot of fun watching you guys make it, and it was awesome. I especially love the spinning arms wide open move!

  3. Fathead5f

    Thanks again for the autograph. that was the highlight of the day….. the rest was just meh. Piggy Wiggy looks like a monster from Lord of the Rings, Dave Trembly looks like he’s had a frontal lobotomy. what a day.

  4. SoxFanInHiding

    i hope there’s more. that was hilarious.

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