Fanfest Video Numero Two.

Part two of our Fanfest series, kind of.  Lots and lots of beard love going on in this one.


Well did you, enjoy?

Another new video tomorrow.  And it’s a good one, especially if you like Bobby Bottleservice.



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5 responses to “Fanfest Video Numero Two.

  1. Bob Arctor

    Great stuff gentlemen. Looking forward to joining you guys on Eutaw for some heckling this season.

  2. I’m not gonna lie…. I was looking forward to seeing Tom Ludlow throw a couple fast balls….

    • Not Tom Ludlow

      Agreed, the guy looks like an obvious stud. He must work out. I think it is possible he did not want to embarrass his colleagues.

  3. SoxFanInHiding

    I think the radar gun was off a little. Topping out at 54 mph…what is that, T-ball speed?

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