Gonzo Got Good Body

If you’ve never seen Bobby Bottleservice, take this opportunity to do so.  Our video will make a little more sense if you watch it.  Besides, it’s awesome.

And now here we are.

In all fairness, if we’re this mean to our own players, just imagine what it’s like to be on an opposing team.  We don’t pull punches.  That’ll be written on our collective tombstones.



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4 responses to “Gonzo Got Good Body

  1. Melissa

    This is horribly cruel, but I love it.

    BTW just found this blog the other day…love it. You guys are awesome. I hope to make it to a game someday and hear your heckling in person.

    • Thanks for reading. In all fairness, he actually looks more like Pauley D but the symbolism of our closer and the siduation is just too rich.

      Mike “The Save Siduation” Gonzalez he shall hence be named.

      We always encourage people joining us in rebel rousing. The more the merrier. One day, when we get up to 3 people that actually want to be near us, we might think about an ESH night at the Yard.

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