Let’s go shake der hans.

If you are a really astute reader, you may have noticed a new link added on the side bar called Hockey’s version of ESH.  Most of you probably didn’t.

Our boys over at The CAPS Lock are taking hockey by storm.  If your looking to blame someone for having to dig out of 4 feet of snow…blame them.  Ian stands on the roof of his house in San Diego with a fan, a leaf blower, and his lungs of steel and pushes the warm moist air across the country to the frigid east coast.  What a dick.

Anyway, if you don’t follow hockey, the Caps are on fire right now and if you need somewhere to go for Caps related humor and all the hockey fights your stomach can handle, well,  you know where to go now.

I’m traveling out to the left coast to meet up with Ian and our own Ted Logan for a week in the sun.  Got any suggestions on what three knuckleheads can do to cause O’s related mischief out there?  Drop a line in the comments.  My gut tells me I should try and find Manny and spike his morning OJ with colon blow.

Also, bonus points for any reader who can name the movie referenced in the title of this post.

And finally, with El Nino fresh on our minds, I give you…The Nino.



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6 responses to “Let’s go shake der hans.

  1. Alex Conway

    The movie is….. D2, the Iceland Team

    • Well done Alex. If only your first name was Charlie you’d have had the perfect name to answer that question. Ok, not perfect. Perfect would be Gunner Stahl or Olaf Sanderson. But pretty damn good.

  2. Not gonna lie.. I was in shorts yesterday watching the super bowl.

    Make sure you bring your stab vest out here. Opening day at the Dodgers game last year a dude was shanked..
    Opening day at the Angels stadium a man was killed (Angels were playing Oakland, which leads me to believe it was a complete accident that his face was smashed on the concrete).

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