Non-O’s Related Editorial

Two things are happening in the sports world.  Well two things that are taking all the attention away from important things like Spring Training.

The US dominating the Olympics and Tiger Woods having a press conference.  The first is no surprise so I’ll focus on Tiger.

Tiger is going to make his first stop on the image resurrection tour.  A press conference with no Q&A.

The two recurring themes of the coverage are:

1.  Referring to the situation as the biggest sports controversy in memory.

2.  All the pundits telling Tiger or whoever is listening, what Tiger “must do”.

First, this is not the biggest controversy in sports memory.  It’s not even a sports controversy.  It’s a celebrity controversy.  It’s not like he was banging chicks at the turn in the clubhouse.  He wasn’t sexting on the 13th green.  He was stroking fairways that weren’t his wifes during his free time.

Having sex outside of your marriage is certainly deplorable but it has nothing to do with athletics.  I mean, unless you’re banging a ymnist.

Tiger is still going to mop the floor with the rest of the field.  He’s still going to give Nicklaus s a run for his money.

But, with the elongated news cycle that we are subjected to as a society, people have to talk about every, fucking, little, detail until everyone has their two cents in.

“Tiger must do this.” and  “If he’s going to fix his image he has to do that.”

News flash, self-important idiots sitting in front of a camera.  He doesn’t have to do shit.

If he wants to get some sponsors back, then sure, it probably wouldn’t hurt to make the rounds.  If he wants to make it work with the ol’ lady, then sure, do your best to repair the image.  If he actually does feel remorse…do the right thing.

But if he doesn’t care and wants to keep on banging every chick in the free world.  He can.  And he’ll like it.  And eventually, the world will like it.  Golf needs a bad boy anyway now that Daly is skinny and playing like crap.

Now back to Sarasota.


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4 responses to “Non-O’s Related Editorial

  1. Call me crazy, but I think skeleton may be the most gnarly sport in the winter olympics. And for the record that is not including anything Bode is in. Bode could take a nap and that would be the raddest thing ever.

  2. Kevin Lomax

    Skeleton is tight but I prefer team luge. It has everything. Speed. Ice. Ambigous homo-eroticism. Right up my alley.

  3. ESHgroupie

    I agree with the double luge. And the thoughts on Tiger. What percentage of athletes out there have a thang on the side? 50%? 90%? I think more like the latter. Tiger is getting ostracized because of his previously “clean” image. And we can all agree that the media loves when the mighty fall.

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