ESH Fantasy

Not that kind of fantasy.  Although, Johnny is available for bachelorette parties.

As Jjaks mentioned, we are going to do an ESH Fantasy league and we’re going to open it up to any co-bloggers and other writers that want to try and take us on.

This will be one of two fantasy leagues we’ll be writing about over the season.  More details on the second one to come later.

So if you think you have what it takes, leave a comment or shoot us an email.  And, prepare to get your asses kicked.


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13 responses to “ESH Fantasy

  1. Alex Conway

    I’m down

  2. Ryan McCormick

    Will there be a live draft at Fantasies? If so, I would like for you to consider my application.

  3. its on like diddy kong. I’ve just commited TCL dudes without asking any of them. two words: JOCK STRAPS.

    I don’t know what it means, but its tight.

  4. Apparently you can’t read… and apparently I can’t spell.



  5. Bob Arctor

    I’m definitely in, but in honor of the Orioles the past 11 years I’ll quit playing by July. Just kidding, it will be by May.

  6. This Kevin Lomax character…..

    I knew I recognized him from somewhere.
    You can hide no longer sir….

  7. Finally you can join facebook and have a doppleganger for next year just like you kept saying you wanted!

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