Back on the Right Coast

So I returned home from my visit to the left coast on Tuesday to much fanfare.  I’d like to thank all of my fans who were there to greet me at the airport.  It was really nice…felt like I got back from Miami with the Superbowl trophy.

Actually, none of that happened.

I didn’t get to have my dance off with Ian from The Caps Lock but I was able to spend some time with him and our guy Theodore.  He’ll be back in a few weeks, and I’m sure he’ll be ready for opening day, tanned and relaxed.

Ian came over for a grill out in Huntingon Beach where we talked Olympic Hockey, the internal feud on their site, and O’s baseball.  It was a good time.

Finally, I’ll share with you my run-in on the Huntington Beach Pier:

Me: Oh look, an old dude with an O’s hat.

Ted: Nice.

Me (to old guy):  Yeah!  Go O’s!

Old Guy: stares perplexed.  says nothing.

I guess he thought I was being sarcastic.  Can you blame him?

PS – Congrats to Ted and his ole lady for having their first child.  He’s already got her doing baby squats so she’ll be the first female NFL kicker.

PPS – The Caps Lock is getting noticed.  Good for them.


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2 responses to “Back on the Right Coast

  1. PPSSPS: You gents have re-sparked my interest in the O’s… thanks for making it fun again.

  2. ESHgroupie

    That old guy was probably like:

    a) “what O’s are he talking about?”
    b) “crazy bearded motherf*cker”

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