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It wasn’t too long ago that we posted some off the field comments made by Luke Scott regarding is displeasure with DH’ing.

Want to turn a non-story into a big deal?  Let anyone and their mother write for a website and broadcast their opinions publicly.  Ok, don’t mind if I do.

Couple of reactions from the guys at ESH:

Jjaks – The Post’s sports section is a joke.  They have very little reporting on any facts of any kind and rest solely on opinion pieces by their writers, which they have a reputation of taking from another section of the paper and getting them to write sports regardless of their knowledge (see Tony Kornhieser).  They also employ sports people who are not in touch with the teams in the area in which they cover (see their 1 capitals beat writer who does not go on ANY road trips with the team and therefore relies on other peoples local media for all his information as well as Mike Wilbon living in Arizona while covering the Redskins and Wizards and even more so Sally Jenkins doing all her reporting and editorials on Washington sports from her looooong time home in New York)

Kevin – Luke has a permit.  Gilbert didn’t.  There’s your number one difference right there.  I say let them bring guns on the field.  Who cares?  You want viewership?  Get your center fielder doing ROTC drills between hitters or have your third basemen shoot skeet for extra runs during the seventh inning stretch.

Shane – Can you imagine if John Rocker carried a gun?

And that’s where I’ll leave this.  John Rocker.  Gun.  Racism.  Happy Monday.

Tip of the cap to Dempsey’s Army for spreading the word.  He’s got more to say on the topic.

The story originated from Jeff Zrebiec, the solid O’s reporter, over at the Sun.



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4 responses to “More From Luke

  1. Let’s leave Kornheiser out of this. Tony was a very good sports writer back in the day and was, at least, a talented and entertaining writer.

    And Tony gets nuance, believe it or not. Something Steinberg does not. Either that or he’s pandering. Or an apologist.

    • Jjaks Clayton

      Let me get something straight. I like Korny, I own one of his books, I like his quirky brand of comedy, and I enjoy his radio shows and TV appearances. I just would argue he is much better suited in the Metro section where he started. Just because you can write doesn’t mean you’re a sportswriter.

      • What makes a good sportswriter? Tony was good at writing about the drama and romance of sport. Not every sportswriter needs to be able to break down the game like Ron Jaworski.

        • Jjaks Clayton

          Drama and romance are a good change of pace, but what is and has been missing from the Posts sports page for years is actual insight into the game. What has disappeared almost completely is the beat writer, and that is unfortunate. They have all been replaced by columnists instead. This isn’t only confined to the Washington Post, it also has made Sportscenter unwatchable for me…not to mention the recent NBC dulling of the Olympics, however those are national broadcasts where it makes more sense to tug at the heart strings than to spend time explaining what actually happened during the game or what will happen in the upcoming game and why.

          What makes a good sportswriter? I certainly know that I am not one but, it depends what you are looking for. I just happen to be looking for more sports, and less writing.

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