ESH Fantasy Baseball, Funkyball, and Podcast

A call to all of you was sent out about a week ago.  In that call, we asked for volunteers to get their asses kicked in Fantasy baseball.  That call has been answered.

Kevin S. Paul from Wife Hates Sports
Scott Hoffman from Orioles Hangout
Russ Smith from Splice Today
The UnPeterAngelos twitter account operator
Anthony from Oriole Post
Heath from Dempseys Army
Matt from Baltimore Sports Report
Stacey from Camden Chat
The entire Caps Lock crew (1 team)
Andrew aka Moose Milli on the OH
Our friends Bob Arctor
Ryan McCormick
and Alex “Charlie” Conway from Mighty Ducks

So there you have it folks.  Your list of losers.

Be sure to check in to see all the scores and trash talk as the season progresses.

Also, don’t forget to check out our domination of strato-matic baseball over at Funky Ball.  Jeff puts a shit-ton of effort into it and it’s pretty fun to relive the memories.  Well, for us, we weren’t alive then so it’s not really reliving them.  Anyway, the results of our first game:

at ORIOLES 1-4-1, RED SOX 0-4-0
In almost a mimeograph copy of the last one, Jim Palmer whiffs eight Bosox in the Memorial Stadium opener. Jenkins is equally brutal but DeCinces tags him for a 7th inning solo shot to decide the thing. Can’t believe my boys laid down for this underwear clown.

W-Palmer L-Jenkins HR-DeCinces

Man that feels good.

Jjaks is going to take part in the Baltimore Sports Report podcast tonight.  Not sure when it will go up but we’ll post it when it does.

Tomorrow I’ll have news about another appearance by the ESH.  Stay tuned.



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8 responses to “ESH Fantasy Baseball, Funkyball, and Podcast

  1. I would like to extend a Happy Birthday to a one, Jay “G.G.” Gibbons.

  2. Tom Ludlow

    Going to be a deep league, that only gives me a greater advantage.

  3. Hope y’all are ready for an ass kicking. From a girl. Who fully intends on drafting Felix Pie.

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