ESH Hits the Airwaves


Drew Forrester has invited us to talk baseball on Tuesday, March 9th at 8AM. 1570 on the am band.

As of right now Jjaks and I will be there with Drew and whoever else he has invited.  It should be a good time.  The O’s will have a few preseason games under their belt by then so hopefully there are some good story lines.

Our friend Stacy from Camden Chat has taken part in two shows to date.  Quite the regular.  Check them out here.

Who else is real psyched up for the first preseason game?  Listen live on 105.7 tomorrow.  I know I’ll have it cranked up.  We won’t be on that show.


As I mentioned yesterday, Jjaks called into the Birds On The Wire podcast hosted by the guys at Baltimore Sports Report.  He came down pretty ill right before the show but you can’t even tell he was seconds away from ralphing.  Good for him.  How do you guys think he did?  Let us know in the comments.


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  1. It was fun talking with Jjaks on Birds On The Wire. We’ve gotta catch up sometime this year at the yard. I’ll be out there for opening day, but I know the rest of the BSR gang wants to get together for a couple games.

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