Real O’s and 77 O’s

The real O’s are off to a pretty solid spring campaign.  They have like 48 homers over the two game stretch.  The pitching looks pretty good and all around, for spring training, things are going well.

The 77 O’s are off to an equally good start.  Over at Funkyball we took 2 of 3 from the Boston Carpetbaggers.  Who led us to the win in the rubber game?  Non-other than the man himself.

at ORIOLES 3-8-1, RED SOX 2-6-1
As a certain Hooligan predicted here recently, Ross Grimsley=Domination.  Mr. Perm gives up a walk and single in the 1st, then gets the next 14 Bosoxers in a row.  Singleton’s two-run shot in the 1st holds up until the 8th, when Fisk knocks in a run with a grounder.  So a Singleton single, Murray double and DeCinces fly off Cleveland get the run back.  So Rice triples to lead off the 9th, Hobson gets him in with a deep fly, Yaz singles, Lynn and Dillard get on to load the bases against Tippy Martinez with two outs—and Burleson flies to center.  Dork.

Things are looking up.  You can go to the page and post some trash talk for us.  One can’t be witty all the time.  Sometimes we need breaks too.

Also, don’t forget, Jjaks and I invade WNST on Tuesday.


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  1. Understand your ’77 Boys are off to New York now to open recently renovated and aesthetically ruined Yankee Stadium. Now that we rolled over for you, do us Beantowners a favor and kick their Nazi asses for us, would ya?

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