Early Spring Thoughts

Reports out of Spring Training are glowing, but  honestly when are they not? I think every team is excited during this time of year, even the Orioles.

We are already in love with Brian Matusz, now scouts seeing him this spring are also gushing over him. Expectations for Matusz this year seem to be growing out of control on a national level. Some of you may not like this, but players like Wieters and Matusz getting all this hype from national media and analysts is a good thing. This means that the baseball world is starting to believe in the youth we are developing, it isn’t just us hyping up guys like Hayden Penn, Larry Bigbie, and Luis Matos anymore.

Chris Tillman is totally over the back spasms that everyone was freaking out over last week. He looked good in game action last night and says he is totally healthy, everyone exhale now.

The O’s are hitting bombs at an alarming rate so far this spring, with a lot of help from gusting winds. The O’s will have a decent offensive club this year, but lets not take anything from this power surge… or take much of anything from Spring Training at all. Seriously folks, it’s Spring Training. Everyone is excited that baseball season is here, but these games don’t mean anything, and neither do the results. Health is just about the only thing to pay attention to right now. I honestly see people getting all flustered about the lineups. Once the regular season starts, I don’t want to see Miguel Tejada batting cleanup (though that is probably likely) or Cesar Izturis batting second either, but it doesn’t matter right now. It’s Spring Training.

AI, help me out here.

The young pitching all seems to be healthy and throwing well, this will be the key to our 2010 season. Pay attention to that this spring. The only health concern we have now that I see potentially carrying over into the regular season is Brian Roberts herniated disc, he is certainly a big part of this team and that could be damaging but right now no one is treating it as if it is a big deal and I will believe them for a couple more weeks. In just 3 short weeks I will be in Sarasota myself and providing very amateur insight from the games I attend.

As usual, Roch Kubatko is doing a phenomenal job keeping the fans on the pulse of the team in Sarasota. Check out his blog here. Don’t read the comments on any of the posts though, the ignorance of the common fan will make your brain hurt.


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