If you missed it, check it out here.

Tell us how much we sucked in the comments section.

Big thanks to Drew for having us on.



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9 responses to “WNST

  1. Good stuff. Listened to it at work this morning at work. Next time talk more about how Ovechkin is gonna make the O’s tight.

  2. At least you didn’t bring up that stinkin’ hippie Ross Grimsley.

    —D. Zimmer

  3. I’m in the fucking zone apparently. Workin for work and then getting some work done.

  4. and my favorite is the

    -“Possibly related posts: (automatically generated)”
    when I looked at the post

    1)Caption Contest
    2)Where can I find you?
    3)anyone a fan of the h.b.o. serious tru blood?-

    Nailed it

  5. Fred Flinstone Andino is a beast and I agree with Jjaks, if for no other reason then he wears his hat sideways.

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