A Few Notes From Yesterday

I’m going to totally ignore the game against Tampa Bay because I’m in a good mood and want to keep it that way.  You may or may not know Jjaks and I were on the radio yesterday with Drew over at WNST.  If you’ve looked at this site in the past 2 days, it’d be hard for you to not know that.

I want to clear a few things up from yesterday:

We referred to Robert Andino as Fred, Fred Flintsone, or Freddy.  Here’s why.

Asked on the spot what I thought our best heckling moment was, I froze and told a “had to be there” story.  We have better ones.  Don’t judge us on that.  Like the time we told a pregnant Twin’s fan that she had to name her unborn child Cal or she had to leave our section.

I said Miggy should bat second.  That was stupid.  He should bat lead-off.  We need his youthful speed up front if Roberts is going to be out.

Drew found us because we wrote about the Caps.  We just wrote about our buddies who write about the Caps.

Til, a caller, claimed the O’s would be 20 games out by June 15th.  Drew, please have us back on June 15th so we can rub it in Til’s face that they are only 14 games back.

We do accept checks if you readers would like to pay us to read the site.  Make them out to Cash, please.

In the comments section you may have noticed a reference to the suggested reading that WordPress generates at the bottom of an entry.  Here’s proof they are crazy.

And here is proof that Johnny Eutaw is crazy…crazy skilled, HEY-O!

ed. note – racism isn’t funny but the GayKK is.

The ESH Fantasy Draft is Monday.  I’ll post the highlights from that glorious event on Tuesday.  Stacey, has already declared she’s taking Felix Pie.  Hilarious.



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