Where are They Now: Sidney Ponson

In our last fat guy post (the one right before this one) we paid our respects to Fat Eddie.  Well wouldn’t you know it?  More fat guy news not even a week later.

Our favorite overweight, Aruban, bar brawler turned pitcher has landed with a new team, The Long Island Ducks.

We caught up with Sidney for a rewarding, yet brief, chat.

me:  So Sindy…

Sidney:  It’s Sidney.

me:  Isn’t that what I said?

Sidney:  No you said Sindy…like Cindy.

me:  What’s it supposed to be?

Sidney:  Sid-ney.

me:  Ok…Sid-ney, so how have you been?

Sidney:  Really good actually.  I’ve given up booze and soda.  It’s really helping to make that 22.5 million I got from Baltimore (Peter Angelos) last.  You’d be surprised how much alcohol costs.

me:  No I wouldn’t.

Sidney:  What?

me:  I wouldn’t be surprised how much alcohol costs.  I drank a lot during your stint with the O’s.  Not because I was depressed with how terrible you were as a pitcher, but because I was a home schooler high schooler  who looked up to you.  I thought, hey, if this guy can eat, punch, and drink his way to 22 million dollars, I sure as hell can.

Sidney: That’s unnecessary, man.

me:  Maybe, but I feel pretty good about it.

Seriously, if that picture is not proof positive that it doesn’t matter what you look like or how you act, as long as you have money, I don’t know what is.  Check in tomorrow for the highlights of the baseball draft and sometime this week we’ll post our predictions for the season because we have a free blog, an email address, and we fucking feel like it.



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2 responses to “Where are They Now: Sidney Ponson

  1. This pic should be submitted to Hot Chicks with Douchebags, pronto!

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