Friday Turd Droppings: Targets, Outlook, and Opening Day

As Tom mentioned in his update from Sarasota, we love to heckle Denard Span.  We’re not really sure why.

Thanks for the easy material.

From Deadspin:

A woman wearing a Denard Span jersey is plunked by a line drive off the bat of Denard Span. What kind of person wears a Denard Span jersey to a spring training game? Yep, it was his mom.


Also from Deadspin, Will Leitch is putting together his outlook for the season on all MLB teams…even the Pirates, Royals, and Orioles!  Neato!

As Cameron points out, the Orioles can do everything right and still miss out.

It’s pretty bleak.  But like Tom said, “Unfortunately, the current plan is the only one that has any chance.”

Finally, the hooligans will be heading over to Jimmy’s Famous for the Camden Chat/WNST opening night party.  Should be a good time.



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2 responses to “Friday Turd Droppings: Targets, Outlook, and Opening Day

  1. You might be interested to know that over at Japers’ Rink someone asked if there was a good Orioles site to go to, and some broad said she doesn’t like Camden Chat, she prefers Eutaw Street Hooligans.

    Tell the truth, is that woman one of y’alls mothers? 😉

    See you tomorrow at Jimmy’s.

    • Jjaks Clayton

      Not a mother, but obviously an amazingly intelligent woman. She must have sensed that I’m a Caps season ticket holder

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