“If you ain’t first, you last.”

True to the title, we aren’t in first, we’re in last.  Some may think it’s early, but sadly the O’s , two games in, sit in the basement.  We only have 160 games remaining to turn things around and clinch…our 4th place spot…in the division.  Of course, this isn’t going to destroy my spirit or my attendance.  I, with the other Hooligans, plan to attend a plethora of games.  Actually, I’m pumped.  Especially for Opening Day.  I wasn’t able to attend the Wieters debut last season, so it’s been quite a bit since I’ve experienced a full house, without the douche-baggery of the Yankees or Sox.

With Matusz starting tonight, I’m confident we won’t get swept to start the season.  I’m also confident that regardless of Longoria providing 3 of 4 runs last night, consistently sending balls through the roof of Orange Juice Field, and Garza’s line, Tejada will again be the “Player of the Game” on MASN.

In fantasy news, It’s Business Time, strategically managed by yours truly, is currently in first place.  Three games into the season, is it too early for me to celebrate this victory?  No.  My “no moves,” style and Heyward-hype will surely carry me to the championship and all the naysayers, namely myself, will be silenced.

On an unrelated note, another jersey was misspelled. Velez of the Giants, in his debut, rocked his “San Francicso” jersey.  Granted this is only a misspelling, but I fear the joke will become more elaborate.  It may just be a matter of time.



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3 responses to ““If you ain’t first, you last.”

  1. Fancy looking signature you got there stud

  2. Johnny Eutaw

    You want one?

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