Game On.

Yesterday’s game was quite the disappointment.  Pitching was poor.  Bergeson gave up a handful of runs in 4 2/3 an inning (not completely his fault considering Jones should have caught that deep fly that gave up 2 in the first), however the O’s still managed to get 1 more than the Jays with the hot bat of, reigning MASN ‘Player of the Game,’ Michael Tejada.  Time to close shop.  But, on par with his first few outings…

However, ESH are not prepared to boo him…yet.  Not everyone can be dominant right off the bat (no pun intended, but count it!).  I think Gonzalez will find his groove and finish his innings like he’s been starting them.  Two K’s, then loading the bases was a bit extreme in our only win.

Anywho, a few of the Hooligans will be attending the game tonight.  We were out of our element yesterday, having to sit in our designated spots, but tonight will most likely be different.  And, by different I mean back to the usual “cheap ticket, pick your seat” deal we’re all so fond of.  Looking to be in Section 4ish on the right field line.  Come join the party.



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7 responses to “Game On.

  1. Johnny,
    I’ll be out there tonight too. We should meet up. I was disappointed with the O’s fans for booing Gonzo and called them out on BSR.

    I’m fine with booing, but back it up with being a good fan. Unfortunately, the majority of fans in attendance at opening day won’t stop by the yard again, they can’t name the starting five and just don’t care about the team.

    I appreciate passion for the team, but keep with it. We saw good fans in the stands last season when Tex made his debut and then they filtered out of the park never to be seen again. We need for hooligans at the yard.

    Anyway, hope to see you guys out there tonight. It’s always good to hear fans more excited about baseball than the hot dog race.

  2. Johnny Eutaw

    Cool beans. We’ll be out in Section 4, if all goes to plan. If not there, then Section 3 (directly behind it). It’s Det. Tom Ludlow and myself tonight. I’ll be rockin’ a solid orange O’s hoodie. Ludlow looks like something out of Lord of the Rings.

    I love booing, especially Yanks and Sox fans and occasionally a half-joking boo for our own team, but these “fans” were super serial. Gonzo has plenty of time to prove himself.

    Oh, and don’t even get me started on the guy in front of me who asked, in the 2nd inning, if they did the Crab Shuffle yet. In all fairness though the hot dog race animation was fantastic. Pixar-esque even. Ha.

  3. Sorry I missed you guys. Didn’t read your follow up til after the game.

    I’ll be in the bleachers for Wieter’s tshirt night. You guys there?

    • Johnny Eutaw

      Unfortunately, several of us will miss out, but it’s because softball starts this week and that’s awesome.

      Kevin Lomax will be there for sure and I don’t know about the others. Lomax will probably post or tweet (eutawhooligans) where he ends up.

  4. Drew Forrester

    This might be the funniest thing I’ve ever seen.

    I just linked it on the front page of

    You guys crack me up.


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