ESH Makes History

Three of us were a part of the record-low nine thousand, one hundred twenty-nine (9,129) in attendance at OPACY last night.  This is the lowest ballpark attendance everin the history of attendance.  So, we talked to some fans at the game about it.  Just kidding.  There weren’t any.  The Expos have better attendance.  To give you an idea, I will paint you a picture…with a picture.

Also, we managed to exploit the “Fan of the Game” free pretzel situation and damn did it feel good…again.  To top it all off, friends and family were able to see three total badasses every time Garza was shown diddling around the mound.

In case you missed our epic television time with Matt Garza; left to right at Garza’s head level are Tom Ludlow, yours truly, and Shane Falco.

Tonight is Wieters T-shirt night to the first 10,000. With the chance of rain, attendance will probably be 12. We will be in attendance if the weather does not cooperate with our softball double-header, hopefully in time for the prize. /sarcasm



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2 responses to “ESH Makes History

  1. I wondered if those guys on TV were you!

  2. avi m

    lol i recognize yall, the sat night game against the jays we also went to the row with the pretzels where a 3rd grade teacher lady yelled at us for being “bad people” haha. shoot me an email, would love to meet up and heckle. im there every game

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