We’re a bunch of cool guys!

In some recent, exciting news, we were (we think) anonymously complimented in our “Merch” section yesterday by someone using the name Jim Palmer.

“What a bunch of cool guys you are! Fags.”

Now, we don’t think it was Jim himself because his comment made no mention of Jim Palmer as much of his commentary does.  So, either this guy has the same name as an Oriole great, which would be awesome, or he is a coward and hiding behind a fake name. Who would do that? But, let’s take a closer look at his actual comment and break it down a bit to get into the mind of this upstanding citizen.

“What a bunch of cool guys you are!”

Guilty as charged, my man. Guilty as charged.  And, I love the excitement!  It’s not often that we get such glaring comments from anyone but our mothers, so it was refreshing and made my heart beat a little faster.  I got to the end of that exclamatory sentence and was feeling great about myself.  But, wait!  There is more to come?  I can’t wait to read what is next as the lovefest continues.


Oh no!  Why did you have to go there?  It makes me think that you really didn’t mean the first part of your comment.  Please tell me that isn’t true.  My self esteem can’t take it.  I don’t know what to think anymore.  I thought you were a super-intelligent, awesome bro that loved to read our blog.  Now, I think you’re an idiot.  You must be, if you don’t like us. (Right, Mom?)  But, then you threw in the last word there, which also makes me think that you think gay people are really awesome too, or you are just an idiot again.

I don’t know who you are, but I am sure we could have been great friends.  Here is my list of suspects:

Jim Palmer. There is nothing that man can say that will make me dislike him.

Shane Falco. He truly is the wild card, like Charlie.

Roch Kubatko. His initial threat before crushing us all in his biceps.

Jealous Internet Troll. Your typical, no sense of humor, inflated sense of self-worth troll.


As you can see, we don’t take ourselves too seriously and neither should you.

See you at the yard.

~Jjaks Clayton



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4 responses to “We’re a bunch of cool guys!

  1. Johnny Eutaw

    This sounds like a case for Detective Tom Ludlow!

  2. Ryan

    I am pretty sure Jim Palmer cannot die. Have you seen that man, hes 65 and gorgeous!

  3. Tom Ludlow

    As you should know, I am strictly a narcotics detective. If this guy is truly on crack as I suspect, I will find him eventually. I’m going to ask him some questions, then I’m going to kill him.

  4. Charlie

    It was probably Russ Smith, he probably thought it was HILARIOUS, and he probably is still doing his nightly routine which is, pleasure himself, weep, repeat.

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