Jorge Julio Reference in 5, 4, 3…

So our good buddy used to work at OPACY for the company who handles the signs all over the field, including the one right behind home plate that gets destroyed on foul ticks and wild pitches.  Every so often he’d end up with the grounds crew during the game, underneath the out of town scoreboard.  And that glorious year, when we watched the Jorge Julio Shit-Show every night, said pitcher would routinely walk through the grounds crew holding area to the bathroom, at which point, he’d sack tap any of the unsuspecting kids not covering their prized possession.  That story alone made me love him, blown saves and all.

Unfortunately, I know nothing about Mike “The Save Siduation” other than he GTL like nobody’s business, so I hate him.

Anyway, after I spent a few minutes checking out the happenings over at OH (and by happenings I mean panic, crazy talk, and total fucking stupidity) I remembered about the dude who is walking to work every time the O’s lose.

I read a few of his entries.  They’re pretty funny.  If you get bored and want something to read that is funny and devoid of stupidity, check it out.  Plus he mentions Jorge in one of them, so that’s a bonus.


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