A very proud moment

In Orioles fan news, one of our own did something that should make all of us very proud. I only hope he is one of the 4 people that read this blog.

He threw Jorge Posada’s homer from last night’s game all the way back into the infield. My colleagues and I have always joked about trying to hit the umpire or infielders with the ball if we ever were lucky enough to catch one, but it hasn’t happened. This dude lived our fantasy and even got a spotlight on mlb.com’s video archive for it. Check it out here.

Well done sir, you have our respect.



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4 responses to “A very proud moment

  1. That was an awesome throw. It’s making highlight reels every where.

    Any hooligans going to the game tonight? I’ll be in the bleachers.

  2. Shane Falco, Johnny Eutaw, and myself will be there. We don’t know where we’ll be sitting but if the crowd looks like it did last night you can probably find us in section 4.

  3. I just want to give Johnny Eutaw a shout out for performing something I have never even dreamed of during Kiss cam. MY MAN! On a side note allow me to recap the totally “bad ass yankees fan near us. ” I WANNA BALL!!!” YAYYY MATT AND KIM!! CMON NICK I HAVE A GLOVE ON AND EVERYTHING” ” HOW COME THEY WONT SHOW MY POORLY DESIGNED SIGN? IT CANT BE BECAUSE IM 23 YEARS OLD?!” Fuck the gaynkees and thanks for letting me vent. Back to watching the o’s struggle like a runt trying to get a hold of some titty.

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