MASN needs more of this…

Cleveland sportscaster Bruce Drennan lost his shit on the air a few days ago when lamenting the Cleveland Indians 5-4 loss to Toronto on Wedesnday. The Indians have been struggling mightily as expected and had just finished blowing a two run lead in the 9th inning. Enjoy.

I personally would love to see this kind of honesty on MASN but obviously a Orioles owned sports network would not tolerate this and this guy would have been fired halfway through his rant. Someone visible definitely needs to make fun of these guys a little bit.


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2 responses to “MASN needs more of this…

  1. This guy is my new hero. Every team needs a someone to lose their shit on the air.

  2. bob arctor

    MASN has this guy already… Rob Dibble. He needs to be a roving announcer showing up at random games talking about nothing and possibly losing his shit sometimes.

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