Absolutely Brutal

Man, this team is unwatchable right now. Seriously who actually thought we would be this bad offensively. I predicted a slightly above average offense and so did most of the major projection systems. Sooo many of our players are under performing it would be comical, if it wasn’t so sad.

As I said before, the offense has been bad…. and I mean really bad. What is really amazing is that we are only the second worst offense in the AL right now. The Seattle Mariners have been worse, though they were expected to be a very bad run scoring team. We really weren’t. Sure, the offense misses Brian Roberts but I think his impact is being overblown by a lot of people. If Roberts were healthy and performing, we would have seen a lot less of Ty Wigginton, who has been our best run producer so far this year. He has also played respectable defense at second base, which is really all that Roberts does at this point in his career. Would we be better off with say Roberts at second and Wiggy at first? Absolutely, but who knows how it would have played out without Roberts injuries forcing Wigginton into the lineup everyday. Nick Markakis has been solid along with Wigginton, and Miguel Tejada has been respectable, even though the amount of pitches he sees, isn’t. Luke Scott and Nolan Reimold have greatly underperformed their ability. Garrett Atkins has been the Garrett Atkins nearly everyone but Andy MacPhail expected. Adam Jones has been horrendous in all facets of the game. Cesar Izturis, already an embarrassingly bad hitter has been bad even by his standards and the defense I have seen does not begin to make up for it. I’m again bringing back my claim that Robert Andino should be bought up and be playing over him, he isn’t good either but he is much more entertaining and there is some upside that he could approach being an average shortstop. I don’t believe either Lugo or Izturis have that upside. Matt Wieters has mostly put up an empty batting average and while he has certainly been respectable when you compare his numbers to other catchers, you can’t help but be disappointed in him so far. He has not shown anything yet that resembles what he is supposed to be as one of the best minor league prospects of the last 20 years.

The entire team’s approach at the plate has been horrible. Far too many players are not seeing any pitches, they are not working the count, and are getting themselves out swinging at anything and everything the pitcher throws at them. What’s even better? Trembley insists on batting the least disciplined hitters at the top of the lineup. It’s a brilliant strategy to have the guys that make the most outs at the top of the order, and it’s working out tremendously. Seriously, the O’s are last in the league in on base percentage, the statistic that correlates most closely with scoring runs….we are last. Is it any wonder why we are not scoring runs? Poor plate discipline has been a staple of the Orioles hitters throughout this twelve year drought.  Isn’t it time some heat is placed on Terry Crowley? At some point, you have to wonder where the swing at everything mentality is coming from. Maybe the Orioles have just drafted and acquired a bunch of guys who can’t tell balls from strikes, or maybe it is being taught to them to be this aggressive. I think it is about time we find out which it is, with all the coaching changes this team constantly goes through, Crowley has always stayed… maybe it is time we move away from him too.

At this point, if everything stays as is and we keep playing this way I propose a total youth movement. Bring up Bell, Arrieta, and Tillman. Move Bergesen and Hernandez to the bullpen. Shop Guthrie, Wigginton, Tejada, and Millwood. We need more young talent and more positional depth, lets’ get it.

In other news, Andy MacPhail will be releasing a web video to the fans today at some point on orioles.com, and Corey Patterson is expected to be called up for round 2 to replace either Nolan Reimold or Lou Montanez on the roster. I hope for sanity’s sake it is Montanez who has no place on the team right now, which is why I totally expect it to be Reimold. I’ll be waiting with baited breath for both…


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