Fantasy and Funkyball Update

We’re down to third in Funkyball.  1.5 games out of first place.  Putting up a good fight (unlike our current team) with a lot of injuries.

American League through Saturday, May 24

Kansas City 23 15 .605
Boston 23 15 .605
Baltimore 22 17 .579 1.5
Texas 21 19 .525 3
New York 17 20 .459 5.5
Chicago 16 20 .444 6
Cleveland 16 23 .410 7.5
Minnesota 14 23 .378

I’m getting absolutely demolished in the ESH fantasy league.  Even the hockey team is beating me.  Tom is putting up some good numbers.  Props to Alex Conway.  One of the most made fun of guys in the draft (besides Splice) shoving it in our faces.

1. Gunnar Stahl
2. Det. Tom Ludlow
3. Ghost of Joe Kelley
4. I am an Idiot.
5. Arrietable Underwear
6. Real Pit Beef
7. theCAPSlock
8. The Kekambas
9. Just Doumit
10. Big Kruk Hunter
11. Splice Today
12. Wife Hates Baseball
12. Big Ben’s Wingmen
14. It’s Business Time
15. Kevin Lomax
16. Wyld Stallyns



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3 responses to “Fantasy and Funkyball Update

  1. Sorry to say, but based on their bitchin’ names I have to root for Real Pit Beef and Wife Hates Baseball.

    In Funkyball Land, Ken Singleton just came back
    from a three-game injury and got hurt for another three games. This is a freaking joke. I either have to switch out my dice, or get Andres Mora to kill a chicken in the locker room or something

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