I’m sad that the Orioles are playing worse than the Indians and Royals.

I’m sad that, despite his awesomeness and the love we have for him, Ty Wigginton is going to be our All-Star.

I’m sad that guys like Jones, Reimold, and Tillman didn’t take steps forward.

I’m sad that Wieters hasn’t brought about the home-runpocolypse that was foretold by our ancestors.

I’m happy that the Red Sox spent 1.4 trillion dollars and are a game under .500 and that Beltre took less money to play with a contender.

I’m happy that OPACY is virtually empty.  Everyone watching at home will definitely hear us heckle.

I’m happy that things can’t get much worse, and soon we’re going to start making changes…hopefully.

I’m happy that Garrett Fatkins’ days are numbered.

So, reader, what are you sad/happy about?


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6 responses to “Sad/Happy

  1. I’m happy that our readers outnumber fans at the games.

    Sad that we still only have 2 readers.

  2. random bro

    I am sad that Brian Roberts passion for the game of baseball seems to be absent.

    I am happy that it can only get better from here as an O’s fan.

  3. random bro

    new post soon, please and thank you….

    • random bro

      Did you guys kick the bucket on this thing like a bunch of fair weather oriole fans?

      • First off…how dare you.

        Second off. No. Jjaks is doing a post which should go up today.

        But honestly, how many times can we figure out a different way of saying this team sucks? Not many. We aren’t good at writing.

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