Reality: An Editorial

Things have gone really poorly this season.  Bordering on historically poor.  Roch mentioned today that we were racing the 88 team for the worst season ever in franchise history.  And this, coming on the heals of one of the most optimistic off season’s in a long time.  Intelligent fans didn’t expect a pennant but, we all set our realistic goals of .500 baseball.

But then our young stars hit sophomore slumps, Reimold, Wieters, Matusz, Bergessen.  Jones is under performing.  Markakis is playing about average for his career and could possibly be stunted by the lack of production around him.  Millwood was doing well until recently.  Injuries to B-rob, Pie, The Save Siduation didn’t help.  And so on.  The list goes on.  Wait…we signed Atkins, that was a problem too.

So things are butt awful in Baltimore.  Really bad.

But it’s not because of Oriole baseball.  Read some of the shit here.  Those are problems.

And it’s not just Baltimore folks.  We got unemployment rising, we have an economy that’s being bought up by China.  Our population is outgrowing our natural resources.  Lest we forget about that fucking oil spill.

So having Atkins on our team for the rest of the season is not a disaster.

Not having a strong second half is not the end of the world.

Wieters not winning the triple crown and Matusz not winning the Cy Young are not fucking catestrophes of epic proportion.

And if Peter Angelos is still the owner of the team for another 100 years, it will not kill you.

Odds are, a stray bullet or some asshole on a dirt bike will take care of that for you in Baltimore.

The Orioles having a bad year is not making me hate them.  Listening to these whining, idiot fans is making me hate the Orioles.



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4 responses to “Reality: An Editorial

  1. Aaron

    I could never hate the O’s, but the whiny bitchy fans, yes, I hate them.

  2. Well played, sir.

    I lived through ’88, this team is a bunch of rank amateurs in inflicting pain.

    Like the old Sam Kinison bit about Satan greeting the married guy at the gates of Hell, there aren’t any surprises here for me!

  3. Doug

    I hate how just because there are other things going on in the world we’re not supposed to hate the orioles

  4. bob arctor

    Well said Lomax. I’m still going to love the O’s even if they lose 110 games this year, and I’ll take my ribbings from red sox fans who live in Severn and/or Virginia and Natinals fans. But next April opening day will be here again and I will love it all over again. Orioleshangout has gotten so terrible lately I can’t read a whole thread without wanting to throw my computer out the window.

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