Unfamiliar Feeling

That’s a fucking winning streak folks.  For those of you not watching the O’s, we just took it to the Natinals minus Strasburg.  To those of you who are actually still watching, thanks.  The team needs us.

What?  Atkins isn’t on the team anymore?  That’s more fucking amazing news.  Long overdue I might add.

We have some guys coming back from injury.  Jones is coming around.  Wieters  hasn’t been as shitty as of late.  Dare I feel good about Orioles baseball?

And to top it all off, despite the breath sucking humidity that is mid-summer Baltimore, Camden Yards is still the shit.  Just ask our boy Jeff at Funkyball.  Who is that Jason character he’s talking about?

Oh shit.  Then there’s this.  The black cloud hanging over the warehouse.  Tony should take over MASN.  Dude knows how to market a story like crazy.  Thanks for bringing me crashing back down to earth.

I’m hoping Tom or Jjaks will throw their thoughts in the mix regarding the more technical side of the O’s as of late.  I’m sure they have an opinion on the roster moves that just happened or hopefully will happen.

I love you, O’s fans.  Even the stupid ones.


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