AATY: Fan of the Game Attempt

Last night, Johnny Eutaw, Tom Ludlow, and I attended the home run derby Orioles – A’s game.  It was a good time.

I expressed my love for Rajai Davis, as he is awesome.

Coco Crisp died, for no reason. We heard the thud from our seats.  It was brutal, again, for no reason.

I also, repeatedly, expressed my agreement with Samuel that Jones should be our All-Star rep as only RBI’s, HR’s, and being good right before the actual game matters.  We’re smart baseball people.  The rest of you are haters.

Then Johnny went hard after the fan of the game.  We really wanted those pretzels.

Alas, the cameras were uncooperative and despite some raucous supporters behind us, he got no Jumbo-time.

He did however get a few compliments on his custom ESH shirt and met the dude who runs 2131 and beyond.  I got a compliment on my shirt, but we don’t sell it…someone else does (you’re welcome).

Here’s a Matt Wieters Fact for you:  More often than not, he grounds meekly to a middle infielder.  Fucker.

Someday we’ll start printing our fabulous ideas on cotton.  Someday.




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3 responses to “AATY: Fan of the Game Attempt

  1. Nice! Do you guys sit there every game? Or just sometimes? Will come visit more often, considering I’m at every game anyways.

  2. Johnny Eutaw

    Yessir. We’re generally in Section 4, but Errol wasn’t the usher, so we had to move over one.

  3. Rajai Davis performs a valuable public service; if he can play semi-regularly in The Show, then there is hope for all of us.

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