As I sit on my couch watching the mid-summer classic, I decided to head over to the hangout.  Found an interesting article from Dan Connelly that basically refutes all the stuff that has been made public by this guy, this guy, and this douche bag.

I read the article, good nuggets.  Interesting perspective.  But then I start reading the comments in the thread.  It just boggles the mind.

This morning there were threads going about all the changes that would happen when Showalter gets here.  Who survives?  What coaches stay?  What players stay?  What happens to Samuel? I actually had to be the voice of reason in one thread and say, “Who said this is a done deal?  Let’s not count our chickens before they hatch.”

Flash forward to tonight and now the threads read MacPhail is slow!  Will the O’s botch the Showalter deal?  Who do we end up with if not Buck?

Calm the fuck down.  It’s just a fucking guy.  You people are sheep, man. You’re like man-sheep-pig. (It’s man-bear-pig, stupid)

No wonder the color coded terror system worked so well.  You people are in a constant state of fear and the media has got their dick so far up your ass you can’t tell what’s choking you; the possible bad news or the penis impaling you.

Maybe Dan’s right.  Maybe the other dudes are right.  Just sit back and enjoy the ride.  Sure, some rides aren’t fun and make you throw up, but you’re the one that paid for a ticket and got on the damn thing.  No one put a gun to your head, did they?

Xanax should start selling ad space on the Hangout.

This All-Star game is like Ambien.


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