ESH Fantasy League

Most people’s trepidations about joining a fantasy baseball league is that they lose interest and stop paying attention.  I did.  And I’m getting my ass kicked because of it.

1. Det. Tom Ludlow 141.5
2. Gunnar Stahl 133
3. Big Kruk Hunter 121
3. theCAPSlock 121
5. I am an Idiot. 120
6. Wife Hates Baseball 111
7. It’s Business Time 106
8. Ghost of Joe Kelley 104.5
9. Just Doumit 101.5
10. Arrietable Underwear 99.5
11. Real Pit Beef 96
12. The Kekambas 86.5
13. Big Ben’s Wingmen 83.5
14. Wyld Stallyns 80.5
15. Kevin Lomax 72
16. Splice Today 54.5

Tom is still holding it down for us as a group though so suck it everyone else.  Charlie Conway is showing well and so are the hockey dudes.  Man, that’s embarrassing.  If nothing else, I still have one leg up on Russ and the Splice crew, though I have a feeling they aren’t paying attention either.

Seriously though, thanks for joining us in this endeavor.  It’ll be over soon.


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